Blue Book of AR-15s & Variations

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Important features of this 1st Edition:

  • Includes almost 300 AR-15 current and discontinued manufacturers/trademarks.
  • All values have been thoroughly updated and reflect the most recent activity in today’s changing marketplace.
  • Detailed model descriptions are provided on all variations.
  • Important AR-15 terminology and illustrations are featured in full color.
  • Proprietary AR-15 nomenclature/terminology is used whenever possible, including such famous trademarks as Cerakote, Ergo, Hogue, Geissele, KeyMod, M-LOK, Melonite, Novak, SOPMOD, VLTOR, etc.
  • Also available as an online subscription - includes thousands of digital images and monthly updates

Autor:  S. P. Fjestad


384 Seiten

zahlreiche Abbildungen

Format: 21,0 x 27,5 cm


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