The ArmaLite AR-10

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As every good story should, this one begins in Hollywood, with the unofficial founding of a small business known as "S-F Projects" by George Sullivan, patent counsel for the Lockheed Corporation, and his brother-in-law, Charles Dorchester. Their knowledge of and interest in the new "wonder materials" being developed by the postwar aircraft and aerospace industries led them to consider the audacious application of lightweight aluminium in place of steel in the construction of firearms, combined with stocks made of molded fiberglass filled with rigid plastic foam.

Descriptions and numerous illustrations of the stepping-stone experimental prototypes and all the other "AR"-numbered designs - such as a prospective survival rifle for the U.S.Air Force (the AR-5) and its civilian offshoot, the popular AR-7  --  to the 7,62 mm NATO caliber ArmaLite AR-10B, plus the .222 caliber "Stopette" and a rare glimpse of the "XAR-1501".

The book describes and illustrates all the different "country" and other military models of the AR-10 "family", which included scoped AR-10 sniper rifles and magazine- and belt-fed light machine guns, as well as the experimental carbine and sporting (semi-auto-only) versions produced in Holland before program termination.

Uniquely, this book continues with in-depth, illustrated coverage of the successful use of the perfected NATO model of the AR-10 in combat, largely with Portuguese forces, under some of the harshest and most gruelling conditions on the planet. As far as is known, such a wealth of tactical and historical information concerning the combat use of the AR-10 has never appeared before in any source.

Autor: Joseph Putnam Evans

Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag

416 Seiten

356 Abbildungen und Zeichnungen

Format: 22,5 x 28,5 cm

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