Colt´s Python - King of the Seven Serpents

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Colt´s Python, King of the Seven Serpents is the follow-up to Gurney Brown´s highly successful book Seven Serpents, the History of Colt´s Snake Guns.

With 304 pages packed with information on every aspect of Pythonology.

More than 275 high-res digital color images depict almost all the variations, barrel lengths, finishes, sights, grips and additional features/ special order options.

Each gun is shown with its Colt Archives letter showing when and where that particular gun was shipped, plus its original configurations.

The most complete Python serial number information ever published!

Additional information from Colt factory catalogs, price lists, advertising flyers and brochures.

Autor:  Gurney Brown


304 Seiten

275 Farbabbildungen

Format: 31,5 x 23,0 cm

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