Gun Digest 2019 - 73rd Edition

Gun Digest 2019 - 73rd Edition

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The definitive resource for firearms enthusiasts, "Gun Digest 2019" is the firearms industry's answer to an annual report to customers. The extensive editorial carries carefully researched articles on interesting aspects of the shooting sports. Contributing editors provide annual reports of new product news in the major firearms categories. The illustrated arms and accessory catalogue, updated each year, carries the latest listings, specifications and prices. Finally, the annually updated Directory of the Arms Trade is the most extensive and well-maintained industry directory in existence. This superior guide features 256 colour pages that highlight product reports and advancements in the firearms field. "Gun Digest 2019" encompasses all the firearm details shooters and collectors are looking for.

Autor: Jerry Lee
568 Seiten
zahlreiche SW- und Farbabbildungen
Format: 21,0 × 27,5 cm

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