Tokarev Pistols - The Complete Book

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The Tokarev saga is a long and amazingly interesting one. The story began in the 1920s and spans nearly 100 years. It is fair to say that the Tokarev pistol was born out of the advances in small arms that were occurring at the turn of the 20th century, especially the trend of military forces in many countries to replace revolvers with semiautomatic pistols. While the Tokarev has links to the past, its use continues to the present day. The geographic distribution of the Tokarev is worldwide, as it has migrated from the soviet union to numerous countries around the globe. The Tokarev has been used for so long by so many countries that it is almost universally recognized. It has attained a longevity rivaled by few other pistols.

Autor:  Cameron S. White
1550 Farbabbildungen und Illustrationen
Format  21,5 x 28,0 cm




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