Blue Book of Gun Values, 40th Edition

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The 40th Edition contains over 2.500 pages of accurate information and up-to-date values for modern firearms and many major trademark antiques. With over 1.8 million books in circulation worldwide, the Blue Book of Gun Values provides the most comprehensive collection of firearms information and pricing, including the new makes/models for 2019, and features the following:

  • Over 1.700 manufacturers and trademarks listed with brief histories
  • Approximately 23.000 models individually listed and described
  • 500.000+ up-to-date values
  • An 80-page color Photo Percentage Grading System (PPGS) which makes firearms grading even easier and more accurate.
  • Expanded serialization charts which allows more years of manufacture to be determined on individual makes/models

The Blue Book of Gun Values continues to be the “Bible” for buyers, sellers, collectors, and connoisseurs in the firearms industry!

Autor: S. P. Fjestad
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Format: 15,0 × 21,0 cm

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