U.S. Military Arms Inspector Marks

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A collector's guide to the inspection marks found on American small arms from 1795 to 1953 with detailed information about the inspectors and the weapons that bear their marks.

This long-awaited guide by two of the world’s most respected arms researchers is an alphabetically arranged catalog of the identified inspectors’ marks that are found on military weapons made for United States forces from the beginning of the system through World War II and its aftermath. Collectors are well aware that these marks are crucial to properly identifying and accessing the originality of a wide range of U.S. martial arms, whether they were made at armories or by contractors - and that much of the information that has been available up until now was frustratingly incomplete or even flat-out wrong. Amazingly useful, this guide is sure to become an indispensable, “go to” reference for all military arms enthusiasts.

Illustrated entirely with countless high-precision drawings of the markings.

Autoren: Anthony C. Daum, Charles W. Pate


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Format: 22,5 x 28,5 cm