U.S. Military Carbines

Artikelnummer: 1928

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A Whole New Look at U.S. Carbines in Service. From best-selling author John McAulay comes this exciting new guide to carbines from the Civil War onward. What sets this book apart from previous studies is its exhaustive coverage of which units received which carbines - and specific details of how they performed in the hands of the troops. Learn exactly what the men in the field thought of these guns...often in their own words! Collectors and historians often wish that they could make their guns "speak." This is about as close as it gets! Carbines include: Ballard, Sharps & Hankins, Burnside, Sharps, Cosmopolitan, Spencer, Gallager, Warner, Gibbs Wesson, Joslyn, Jenks, Lindner, Remington, Maynard, Rolling Block, Merrill, Trapdoor Springfields (all varieties), Model 1847 Musketoon, Ward-Burton, Pistol Carbines, Krags, Starr, Hotchkiss, Smith

Autor: John D. McAulay
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Format: 22,0 × 28,5 cm