Seven Serpents - The History of Colt´s Snake Guns

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Seven Serpents  -  The History of Colt´s Snake Guns is the only reference/coffee table book ever published exclusively on Colt´s Snake Guns.

-  All Seven Serpents are represented and chapters included: Anaconda, Boa, Cobra, Diamondback, King Cobra, Python and Viper.

-  Information includes model histories, as well as detailed information and specifications on most variations including dates of manufacture, finishes, barrel lengths, calibers, sights, grips and additional features/ options.

-  the book depict all the variations, including many engraving options, boxes, accessories, catalogs and price sheets

-  Serializations charts and a thorough Index are also provided

Autor: Gurney Brown


344 Seiten

über  350 Farbabbildungen

Format: 31,5 x 23,0 cm

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