American Engravers III - Masterpieces in Metal / Restexemplar

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American Engravers III - Masterpieces in Metal by C. Roger Bleile features over 1000 stunning color images and biographies on over 70 of America’s best living engravers.

Well known to gun collectors for his 1980 book American Engravers, author C. Roger Bleile examines the state of the art today with American Engravers – The 21st Century. This all-new, deluxe hardcover landscape format book examines the work and background of America’s finest contemporary engravers through images of their work and biographical perspectives that give these artists the recognition they deserve.

Autor: C. Roger Bleile
264 Seiten
1000 Farbabbildungen
Format: 31,5 x 23,0 cm



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